Renewable Wave-Energy

Virya Paramita Energy (VPE) Private Limited is a pioneering renewable wave-energy company in India aiming to help safely and responsibly meet the country's growing needs for energy by generating electricity from waves.

About Us

VPE endeavors to bring in an efficient class of indigenous wave energy converters (WECs) to market, enabling cost-effective low and no-carbon solutions to climate change.

  • Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) is the creed that underpins VPE's bespoke initiatives in creating a self-reliant and self-generating energy system in India.
  • The company's initial goal is to harvest 1 GW power from the enormously large wave potential of the Indian coast, diversifying the country's total energy production scenario.
  • VPE is a torch bearer in promoting the use of wave energy sources and will be the beacon in disseminating the 'Blue Economy' in India.


Sai Arun Kiran Karthik, an Australian-trained entrepreneur, founded the first private wave energy company in India, Virya Paramita Energy (VPE) Private Limited, in 2020. Inspired by India's vast 40 GW wave power, VPE aims to foster cutting-edge technologies in sustainable energy.

With Prof. Abdus Samad, a faculty member in the Ocean engineering department of IIT Madras, as its driving force, VPE has gained extensive experience in marine energy, optimization of turbomachinery systems, computational fluid dynamics, tidal turbines, surrogate-based optimization, design and testing of oscillating water column and point absorber type wave energy converters, hydrodynamic modeling, control optimization of WECs, and artificial lift. VPE has a strong product innovation growth, attracting funds and technical assistance from global and national bodies such as the Maritime Clim Accelerator, the government of Andhra Pradesh, India, and the National Institute of Ocean Technology.

Prof. Abhijit Chaudhuri, a faculty member in the Fluid Mechanics group at IIT Madras, has been a key mentor of VPE, working on fluid mechanics and wave hydrodynamics. He is an active member of the IIT Madras wave energy team and has worked on tsunami wave interaction with onshore structures, explosive instability due to nonlinear wave mixing, and designing a wave energy-supported desalination system. VPE has recently signed a Joint Development Agreement with IIT Madras and incubated its startup at the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur. VPE's dynamic leadership redefining the renewable energy industry by creating value for customers, partners, and employees.

Why Us?

Backed by a skilled team and under 10+ years of experienced leadership, VPE paves way in providing clean energy solutions that are feasible, cost-effective and innovative.

  • 01 How are we different from others ?

    To commence with, the company has embarked upon an exciting venture on developing a wave-energy based desalination system to produce fresh water for drinking and sanitation for domestic and commercial utilization. We mainly focus on producing water for the coastal population who have less access to safe water for drinking or common household applications.

  • Presently, the technology for capturing wave energy and utilizing that for desalination is at a primitive stage. VPE's technical team will work on the development of sustainable technology that will serve the dual objectives of meeting energy demand from renewable sources and ensuring access to safe water utilizing such energy.

  • The company also plans to introduce warrantied and bankable WECs by 2030, that allows its customers to build wave farms for applications such as desalination, ocean surveillance, sea navigational system, weather buoy, offshore communication and UAV/Underwater vehicle charging stations.


Why wave energy?

Wave energy is not simply an alternative resource, but it proves to be the ideal solution to the major offshore activities starting from deep-sea surveillance to powering oil and gas drilling operations. Its global practical capacity is around 2 to 4 trillion kWh per year.

Predictability 75%
Constant Supply 75%
Proximity 82%
Competitive Advantage 60%


We provide services for ocean monitoring and inspection, subsea power solutions & maritime communications.

Ocean Monitoring System

Our Ocean monitoring system consists of a set of sensors to suits the customer's needs. It can be customized depending upon water depth, project duration, and other factors with a Sindhuja-1. Suitable applications include metocean data collection, fish/mammal tracking, subsea vessel detection, marine environment analysis, and many more.

Subsea Applications

A VPE subsea power solution offers reliable, uninterrupted, low-carbon, and autonomous energy supply to various subsea applications. Our unique system can supply fully integrated AC/DC power requirements for a range of applications.

Maritime Communications

Sindhuja-1 can supply uninterrupted power to the satellite communication system to keep vessels connected from anywhere in the world. The system will allow vessels to be always on, connected to maritime electronic highways, particularly during passages through more sensitive high traffic coastal areas and vessel traffic schemes.

Ocean Inspection System

Our system can provide a continuous power supply to the devices installed for the safety and security of the ocean environment without any need for other external power sources. We provide autonomous monitoring that enables enforcement of maritime law in dangerous and remote ocean environments to improve safety at sea.

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Sai Arun Kiran Karthik S

Chief Executive Officer

Bhaskara Rao S

Finance & Operations Head

Harish Reddy S

Marketing Head

Jigyasu Kumar Verman

HR Head


Dr. Abdus Samad

Expertise: Wave Energy

Dr. Abhijit Chaudhuri

Expertise: Desalination

Dr. A R Paul

Expertise: Fluid Mechanics


Mohd Abdul Rehman Alam

Ocean Engineering

Anulekha Majumdar

Ocean Energy (Wave energy converters)

Suman Kumar

Ocean Engineering
Wave Energy Converter MS by Research - IIT Madras

Prashant Kumar

Ph.D. Marine energy

Devesh Singh

Wave Energy Research Scholar

Kathyayani Nandakumar

Ocean Engineering

WebSite Managing Team

Sameer Verma

Student at IIT Madras

Shiva Kumar

Student at IIT madras

Sheikh Abdul Nisar

Student at IIT madras

Frequently Asked Questions

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